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    My name is Jody Farr Gilliland.  I am married to Joe Gilliland, and we live in the Grassy area with our two boys, Gavin and Grayson Ray. Gavin, a recent graduate of BMHS, is a freshman the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Grayson (also known as G-Ray) is a junior at BMHS.  I enjoy boating, walking/running, traveling, and spending time with our four yorkies (Gus, Gabby, Arlee, and Pixie.)  I also enjoy dining out, reading, photography, card-making, and landscaping.  

      My family has had some amazing opportunities over the last few years.  We've visited some awesome locations with Hawaii and Alaska being at the top of the list. Just this past summer, we took a long journey out west to several states.  We collectively do a synchronized light show for Christmas at our house with hundreds of people visiting every year.

  I grew up at Grant and attended school at D.A.R. all the way from first grade through twelfth grade.  I earned my bachelor's degree from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 1990 and a master's degree from Alabama A&M University. The 2014-2015 school year is my 23rd year as a teacher with 22 of those years teaching third graders at Grassy/Brindlee Mountain Elementary School.

I have taught third grade at Grassy/Brindlee Mountain Elementary School since 1992.  I was very honored to be selected as the Grassy Teacher of the Year and the Marshall County Elementary Teacher of the Year.   I was also honored to be voted as the first ever BMES Teacher of the Year. I have been named to the Outstanding American Teachers Honor Roll and the Who's Who Among America's Teachers.   

    Teaching has changed a lot in my tenure. Technology has seen huge advances.  Join my class and I this year as we take it to the next level with a class blog.

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A Few Quotes That I Believe in:


Attitude-a little thing that makes a HUGE difference.

Winners make the grade. Whiners make excuses.

Every child CAN learn and have fun while doing so.